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History of Mater ECCLESIAE

Tracing from the first book of Genesis, the importance of beginning is clearly underscored. Nothing comes by chance there is always "Let there be this or that". Everything that come into existence normally have a be inning and so things begin and eventually become history. Tracing the origin of Mater Ecclesiae Nursery and Primary schools will lead us to the discovery of its ancestral descent, the person behind its existence and values. The school Mater Ecclessiae Nursery and Primary schools, Ugwuagba-Obosi was formally known as Mater Christ Nursery and Primary school, lba Pope, Awada in Idemili local Government Area, Anambra State. It was opened on 12th may 1994 as an extension of Mater Christi Nursery and Primary school, lba Pope, Awada, the time when St. Peter the Apostle parish Ugwuagba was an out station of 5.5. John and Paul, lba-Pope under the parish priest, Rev Fr. Peter Nwachukwu. During this period the then chairman of the parish council, Sir Martin Anuebunwa saw the need of bringing school closer to the people who have to travel a long distance to attend school at Awada. He then initiated the idea of having a descent school built by the catholic mission here at Ugwuagba to take care of the academic status of the people as well as enliven their moral life. He solely erected the first apartment of the school that accommodated 60 children of Nursery section in attendance with four qualified teachers, Mrs. Ukeoma Felicia was the first headmistress.


As a young school that has just came into existence Sir Martin Anuebunwa with two other men of his kind, Sir Louis Umeakunneand sir Mike Okparaoka, jointly took up the payment of the staff, hence they constituted the first governing body of the school. On the 11th of September, 1995, the primary section of the school was opened with 180 pupils comprising of primary 1-4, and nine qualified teachers.

The primary aim of the school is to reduce the level of illiteracy existing among the children in the community, to inculcate shared responsibility for the common good, foster the dignity and worth of individual, moral values and useful citizens.

Organizational Structure:

Like any other institution that has to do with people, materials and money there must be a governing body handling its affairs. Apart from Sir Martin Anuebu nwa and his two colleagues, the next governing body of the school was made up of: Manager/Parish Rev. Fr. A lwuchukwu

September 2004 the then retired headmistress, Mrs. Felicia Ukaoma, handed over the heading of the school to the Clarissan Mission Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament who Were already working in the parish and Sr. Tochi Ezewulu became the 2nd headmistress. On 29th March 2006 new PTD executives were elected and Mr. Joseph Afamefuna now later became the chairman of the group while Sr. Rose Okafor succeeded Sr. Tochi on September 2009 as the 3rd headmistress and Rev. Fr. Okoro succeeded Rev. Fr. P. Ndulue while Sr. Benedette‘Ogbah succeeded Sr. Rose Okafor till date. Mr. Louis Alakwe took over the chairman of PTD executives from Mr. Leonard lleonu who succeeded late Mr. Joseph Afamefuna. The Present manager of the school is in the person of Rev.fr.E.C. Aniofor who took over from Rev.fr Okolo


Since 1994 till date the school has witnessed 21 graduation ceremonies and 3 inter house sports. The School has also participated in external examinations with good results.


Some of the challenges facing the school which needed urgent attention are: completion of school building that is under construction, School bus and recreational facilities for extracurricular activities.


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